Accident, loss and theft.

Insure yourwatch collection.

Carrying and approved value insurance.


1. Estimate your contribution
2. Telephone appointment
3. Physical or secure video interview
4. Signing of the contract

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The contribution is a minimum of 1,080 €/year up to 150,000 € and beyond, calculated in proportion to the overall value of your collection.

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    For confidentiality reasons, we ask for a minimum amount of information in order to contact you without revealing personal information.

    Your collection to insure

    It is necessary to own at least three watches in your household.

    Number of watches

    What are the 3 main brands in your collection?

    Your contribution

    Generally, the so-called “worn” value represents 30% of the overall amount of your collection. This can be adapted when taking out your contract.



    Choosing Watch for Life insurance

    This doesn’t just happen to others, unfortunately over the years, the upsurge in watch thefts continues to increase.

    The Watch For Life insurance policy protects your watch collection against accidents, loss and theft.

    Vigilance and caution cannot prevent racketeering.

    Move with complete peace of mind

    Traveling with a luxury watch may carry certain risks, including the possibility of theft, loss, damage or security-related issues.

    Here are some of the potential risks and steps you can take to minimize them:

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    Insure your watches at home

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    Your frequently asked questions

    “Carried value” refers to insurance coverage for goods or items that you carry on your person or carry in luggage, such as jewelry, watches, electronics, or other valuable items.
    This distinction between the overall value of your collection and the maximum value that you can carry during your daily trips allows you to reduce your insurance premium.

    Indeed, if you have a collection of 10 watches it is very rare that you have more than one on you at a time.
    The insurer therefore considers that 90% of your collection is secure in the safe at home or at the bank. With only 10% of the collection in circulation, the overall risk is therefore minimized.
    Obviously, there may be exceptions: if the insured must move his entire collection for a move or a change of safe from one bank to another.
    It is then imperative to report this to your insurer.

    The theft of a luxury watch is an unfortunate incident that can have significant financial consequences. If your luxury watch has been stolen, here are the steps you can take to handle the situation:

    1. Alert local authorities: The first step is to immediately contact the local police to report the theft. Provide them with as many details as possible, including the description of the watch, its serial number (if available), the location and suspected time of the theft, and any relevant information. To contact the police in Switzerland (117), France (17) and Europe (112).
    2. Contact Watch For Life: If you have purchased WFL insurance, contact our claims department as soon as possible to report the theft. We will guide you on the steps to follow to submit a claim request: ,+ 41 22 310 17 00
    3. Prepare all necessary documents, such as police report, proof of purchase and any other information.
    4. Notify the manufacturer or retailer: Contact the watch manufacturer or retailer to report the theft. Some luxury watch brands may have specific procedures for dealing with stolen watches. They could help you track the watch if it is spotted when it is resold or repaired.
    5. Monitor online marketplaces and social media: Stolen watches can sometimes be listed for sale on online marketplaces, auction sites, or social media. Keep an eye on these platforms to spot your watch. If you have solid proof that the watch offered for sale is yours, report it to the competent authorities.
    6. Keep all documents and communications: Throughout the process, be sure to keep any documents, police reports, emails, messages, or other communications related to the theft of the watch. These documents may be useful to us in processing your claim or to help find the watch.

    It is essential to act quickly and follow these steps diligently if a luxury watch is stolen, as responding quickly can increase your chances of finding it.

    To protect a luxury watch at home, you should consider installing a top-quality safe. Here are some features to consider:

    1. Type of safe: Opt for a residential type safe, preferably a fireproof and burglar-proof model.
    2. Certification: Make sure the safe is certified by recognized security standards, such as EN 1143-1 for burglar-proof safes.
    3. Size: Choose a safe that is large enough to accommodate your watch and other valuables, while still fitting discreetly into your home.
    4. Lock: Choose a high security electronic lock or a mechanical combination lock.
    5. Location: Place the safe in a discreet, well-anchored location, preferably on a wall or on the floor.
    6. Professional Installation: Have the safe installed by a security professional to ensure proper installation.
    7. Inform Watch For Life of the presence of the safe to determine if the grade is appropriate for the value of your collection:
    Grade 0 </=  50 000 €
    Grade 1 </= 80 000 €
    Grade 2 </= 150 000 €
    Grade 3 </= 250 000 €
    Grade 4 </= 400 000 €
    Grade 5 </= 550 000 €
    Grade 6 </= 700 000 €
    Grade 7 </= 850 000 €
    Grace 8 </= 1 000 000 €
    1. Maintenance: Be sure to maintain the safe regularly to ensure it functions properly.

    Remember to keep a secure copy of the documentation relating to your luxury watch, such as the purchase invoice and proof of its authenticity, outside of the safe in case you need this information.

    Yes, your contract is worldwide (except countries at war).

    It is generally not recommended to travel with a nice watch or other valuable items to countries or regions with high security risks. Here are some reasons why this may be a bad idea:

    1. Risk of theft: In areas of conflict or high crime, the risk of theft is higher. Luxury watches often attract attention and can be targets for thieves.
    2. Personal Security: Traveling with valuable items can attract the attention of not only thieves, but also other unscrupulous individuals. This may endanger your personal safety.
    3. Risk of confiscation: In some countries at war or in conflict, the authorities can be very strict regarding the importation of luxury items. Your watch could be confiscated or you could be subject to extensive security investigations.
    4. Difficulty getting help: If something goes wrong, like your watch being stolen, it can be difficult to get help from local authorities or embassies, especially in conflict zones where resources and stability are limited.

    It is recommended that you leave your valuables in a safe place at home or in a secure safe when traveling. If you absolutely must wear a watch, consider using a less expensive, discreet watch to avoid drawing attention. Ultimately, your personal safety should always be the top priority when traveling.

    You will be compensated for the amount of the purchase value.

    It will be necessary to fulfill numerous conditions, as mentioned in the general conditions of your contract, namely:

    • Watch model identified and saved in your WFL collection (product photo, serial number).
    • Filing a complaint with the competent authorities.
    • Report the claim to WFL within 48 hours of the theft. (
    • Presentation of the original purchase invoice.

    The reimbursement will be made to your personal bank account within 30 days, following the insurers’ decision.

    “Watch For Life, a tailor-made guarantee in tune with the times.”